Chris Vierra


Chris Vierra was born in Providence Rhode Island. Chris is a bit of a daredevil. Up until the age of 26, He had performed across country as a bmx stunt man. His obsession with ninjas, and his high-flying bmx acrobatics earned him the nickname “Ninja Chris”. 

Since a very young age, Chris attended comic book and toy conventions with his family. He always had a love for art, and video games. After seeing a hand sculpted prototype statue of one of his favorite characters online, Chris switched gears and decided to pursue his passion for sculpture. He began to research how toys and collectible statues were made.

With no formal art training, he picked up a brick of clay and a few tools and uncovered a natural ability to translate forms into the 3d world. Fast-forward a few years and Chris turned his passion into a career. Sculpting for such clients as Neca, DC comics, Hollywood Collectibles Group and many others.

After talking with his friend Ray Villafane, Chris decided to give carving a try. As it presented a new challenge to work only in a subtractive manner, Chris proved that although he is only 5’5,  no hurdle is too tall for a ninja.

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