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The skull that never sleeps.   Add the fun of having your skull smiling in the dark with this upgrade of glow style.


ONLY 50 of this special edition will be created.  Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.



Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery.



Glow Skull

  • The total run of these skulls will be 400.

    Only 50 in total will be made of this skull design.

    Please note that these are hand poured and not "in stock" items, hence the extended delivery time. 

    Due to the nature of them being "custom orders", there are also no refunds on these items.   

    You will receive a numbered Certificate of Authenticity with your skull.  If you do not receieve the Certificate in your shipment, it will follow shortly in the mail. 

  • Please be advised that if you would like to have a signature required or your package insured, you must advise us upon order.  

    Stolen or unrecieved items that show a shipping delivery will not be replaced.  If you have concerns of receiving your item or it being left unmonitored, please advise and we will let you know the additional cost of insurance and delivery signature options. 

    If your item shows as delivered and you do not receive it, it will be your responsibility to take it up with your post office.  Villafane Studios cannot replace lost or stolen art.  We are a small and recovering company and stolen packages are not something we can be responsible for. 

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