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Own a life size skull I sculpted using hard grade Monsterclay @monster_clay and Cx-5 wax for the teeth. I clearly love skulls and wanted to create a replica that was not only anatomically correct but also had some character. So many times replicas and actual real skulls can just look mehhh.... They either lack character or just look outright goofy. I wanted to create a menacing looking skull while keeping it 100% within the boundaries of an anatomically accurate model. Someone pointed out that it looked as if this sculpture were a real life representation of Ray Harryhausen’s famous sword yielding skeletons....I’ll take it😊.

Each tooth is individually cast in white resin while the remaining skull is cast in an off white bone color for added realism. Whether it be for reference, decor or inspiration...this skull has you covered.


Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.







Life Size Skull Replica

  • Please note that these are hand poured  and not "in stock" items, hence the extended delivery time. 

    Due to the nature of them being "custom orders", there are also no refunds on these items.   

    You will receive a numbered Certificate of Authenticity with your skull.  If you do not receieve the Certificate in your shipment, it will follow shortly in the mail. 

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