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Want to give it a go? All you need is some inspiration, a root vegetable and this set of tools. Ray himself assembled this collection after realizing there really were only seven tips he couldn’t live without.

· Set includes five tools, two are double ended.

· The large loop is great for peeling rind and shaping

· The smaller loops are great for fine detail and everything else

· See Ray use these actual tools on his Pumpkin Carving DVD Tutorial (sold separately)

· Can Use Tools on Pumpkins, Gourds, Fruits and Veggies

· Made in the USA by Kemper Tools.



Master Tool Kit

  • This set of tools are Clay Ribbon Loop Tools.  They are manufactured by Kemper Tools, the world's leading and most respected producer of clay sculpting tools. 

    It is strongly suggested, in order to maintain the integrity of the tools to ONLY use the smaller tools for fine details.  

    Used otherwise, may cause the tips to pull from the handles as they have not been manufactured to sustain denser materials.

    Used with care, they make excellent pumpkin carving tools.  

    This Disclaimer is provided as we do not refund or replace broken tools.

  • Due to the nature of some of our products,  not all are "in stock" or have "on demand" availability for immediate shipping. 

    To avoid multiple package and postage costs, your full order will ship once we can completely fulfill it with all products ordered. 

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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