TEDdy Grams?  

What exactly is a Teddy Gram you ask?  Nope, its not a little bear shaped cookie, not in our world anyway.  

Teddy Grams are the brainchild of none other than one of our most favorite characters --Teddy Tuber. 

Teddy is a spud full of wisdom, desire and passion who conveys himself with a twist of leading edge humor.

He feels like he's got a lot to offer the world and is available to send your recipient of choice,  birthday messages, invitations, motivational speeches or any other gram that might brighten someone's day.



Teddy Tuber

You can catch more of Teddy on hisTEDdy Talks  Show on the Villafane Studios Channel on Youtube. 

The small print:  Teddy Grams are $35 for one minute.  Messages can be exactly as requested or just offer simple details and let Teddy fill in the rest.  For "Gram" requests beyond 1 minute or for commercial purposes please contact us through our contact email form.

Send a Teddy Gram!

 Teddy Gram fee is $35 for 1 minute