Welcome to Villafane Studios!

We are dreamers, do-ers, innovators, fun creators and magic makers.

We are where wicked meets whimsical for the most perfect ingredients to create  enchanted worlds full of magic.

Lead by world renowned “head wizard” and artistic savant, Ray Villafane,  with his hand selected artists from around the world, Villafane Studios has been spreading their magic around the globe for over a decade.


Utilizing an eclectic mix of  mediums, they  infuse fun, playfulness and inspiration into everything they touch.

From visual storytelling, whimsical character creation, playful set designs and hilariously creative scripts and storylines, Villafane Studios brings the fun where ever they go.

Most famously known for his relationship with certain  “produce” and revolutionizing pumpkin carving, Ray and Villafane Studios are  the "go to"  for many high end marketing clients for  promotional and marketing campaigns .

We make everything fun.

We love breathing love and life into a variety of food, gourds, sticks, rocks, sand, clay and whatever other medium that was meant to be something more. 

We are masters at visual storytelling and transform the simplest of items into amazing characters right before your eyes.

Villafane Studios is just an eclectic mix of all things magical and inspirational that make the world just a bit more fun.

If you would like to “play” with us, this is what we are available for:


Set design for promotional events, movies & festivals


Marketing and Promotional Campaigns


Bring the Whimsical World of Villafane Studios to your city.  Pumpkins, scarecrows and mice included. 


Creative consulting, art direction, sculpting services.


As a former school teacher still passionate about inspiring and teaching others, Ray shares his insights and secrets to being happy and living in purpose.