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Villafane Studios is currently only available for limited ala carte services for the fall season.  We can set up a display/scene in your lobby, restaurant, hotel or special event that will wow your guests beyond their greatest imagination. From a theme of your choice, or one of ours, we will deliver the highest quality, one-of-a-kind scenes customized  just for you. 

We are pretty certain that when the song

"The most wonderful time of the year" was written, it was really intended for Halloween. 

Truly, we've even done a poll.  Halloween is America's favorite "holiday" of the year.  

And why wouldn't it be?  One can literally transform themselves into something else for a day and it's celebrated.  How much cooler could Halloween really be?

Well, with our help... way cooler.

In fact, we make it magical!

Holiday Pumpkin_edited.png


 In 2012, Ray created the product of vine arms and legs as you see today to embellish the pumpkins and bring them "alive".

Ray has carved pumpkins at the White House.

Ray holds a Guiness World Record Pumpkin and a place in Ripley's Believe it or Not for his pumpkin creations.

Rays exposure to the world with his pumpkin carving began on the Food Network's "Challenge" show series where he swept all rounds winning the show.  It wound up being the highest rated "Challenge" Show that the network had seen, spawning the series "Halloween Wars" where Ray was also a competitor on Season One.   Ray returned over a decade later to the Food Network as a Judge when they decided to revive the Pumpkin Challenge Series, bringing his experience full circle.

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