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When dreams become reality...

So what's the story here?

It’s a good one actually!

Sometimes life blows some things apart so better things can come together and we’ve lived the truth of that.

An amazing enchanted world of Hooligans found themselves homeless for a wee bit and we were looking for just the right place to go.

And through a series of synchronicities the universe delivered just that - the most perfect ingredients for our story to continue in all the best ways imaginable.

As we breath more life into our characters to bring our magical world to you, we couldn’t have asked for a better back drop.

The gold may have “dried up” in these parts but the rich history remains.

And it turns out there is more to be mined out at Vulture City Ghost Town.

We are mining magic!

“Boneyard Mining Company” is the latest and greatest project of master magician Ray Villafane where he plans to merge old history with new.

Join us for the unfolding of new history and magical experiences as we blend these two worlds and the stories and folklore continue with the new addition of Boneyard Mining Company’s field office at the historic Vulture City Ghost Town!

We are super excited to share our world with you!

Gourdy Ghouligan and his Hooligans
have found a  new home at Vulture City! 


Gourdy was never one to believe in fate -

until he had no choice.   


His new circumstances have shown him that sometimes the stir of life is actually what brings together all the perfect ingredients.

A Whimsical World meets a real live Historical Ghost Town of Arizona's Largest Gold Strike dating back to 1863.

We couldn't have asked for better ingredients.

The Gold might not be as plenty but we're mining something a little different these days.  

We're mining magic.

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