Gourdy Ghouligans First Annual Halloween Spooktakular 

Gourdy Ghouligan and his Hooligans
have found a  new home at Vulture City! 

Gourdy was never one to believe in fate -

until he had no choice.   


His new circumstances have shown him that sometimes the stir of life is actually what brings together all the perfect ingredients.

A Whimsical World meets a real live Historical Ghost Town of Arizona's Largest Gold Strike dating back to 1863.

We couldn't have asked for better ingredients.

The Gold might not be as plenty but we're mining something a little different these days.  

We're mining magic.


We're having a housewarming party and you're invited!

Gourdy Ghouligan's First Annual Halloween Spooktacular 2022

When:   October 21, 22nd and 23rd 2022

Where:  Vulture City Ghost Town

              36610 355th Avenue

              Wickenburg, Arizona 85390

Time:     9 am to 9 pm.  Daytime or evening segments.

Where do I buy tickets?  

See you soon!